The quiet city on the picturesque bank of the Volga, where the artist was born and spent the first 23 years of her life, knowing the world, was too calm for her impetuous nature. She chose Moscow instead of provincial Simbirsk, and even bohemian Petersburg, because only the powerful heartbeat of the capital kept pace with the rhythm of her work. Unlike the moths, drawned by the lights of the megalopolis, the artist was brought here not by a dream of a better life, but by a thirst for a powerful source of inspiration for the realization of creative principles.

In Moscow, Oksana was imbued with the psychedelic rave culture and thenks to her friend Technoshamen in 2015 started her own project named Polymorphium, where she merged her passion for graphics and painting. She also founded a small online shop with original printed clothing.

«I am so inspired by the dance of science and art, and amazed at what we are creating, exploring modern tools and collaborating with talented creators from other fields!

Painting requires a lot of discipline and diligence. Productive work for me is possible only in an atmosphere of complete immersion in the process. As a researcher by nature, and professional artist & designer, I experiment a lot. The successful experience of my projects allowed to realize my mission for the benefit of the development of visual art.»

Exhibitions and performances:

  • “Chamber Exhibitiion of Graffiti” D.S. Likhachev Cultural Center, curatorRoma460
  • Fluorescent performance “Dancing with Faun”
  • “Audio Vandalism” – personal exhibition + performance with Vasily Khodataev
  • “Kali Mela” an exhibition-experiment at a music event
  • «VESELAYA CAROUSEL, Collection No. 2″ group exhibition “HERE” on Taganka, curated by Andrey Bartenev
  • “A Portrait to Hang Here!” online group exhibition curated by Andrey Bartenev
  • “Entrance through the antique shop” personal exhibition, curated by Mikhail Chernyshev
  • “Watching the Earthlings” group exhibition, curated by Andrey Bartenev
  • Psypunk performance with psychedelic couturier Samaya Gorgona (Knoot Qsovreli, NikkolЯ, Squirt Machine
  • “Freakodelic Party & Art” group exhibition + performance together with Aglaya Samoletova
  • «Prospect Artspace» group exhibition, club them. Jerry Rubina
  • “WOW!” group exhibition, curator Ksenia Gorbatyuk
  • “Improvisation” personal exhibition, club them. Jerry Rubina
  • “Enter Polymorphium” personal exhibition, “Memory the gallery”
  • Art performance “Manifestation of the Dragons” together with Alexander Mag & Star Control (Nikita Oleinik & Arseniy Istomin)
  • Art performance “Night deliverance” with Alexander Mag & Geo Korf
  • Art performance “Fire Keepers” in Moscow underground together with Alexander Mag
  • “Art Tolkuchka” group exhibition, Khodynka gallery, curated by Pouline Kondryakova & Pouline Safonova
  • Art performance “Daning in the Light” with Alexander Mag


«I use different tools for creation. And the most important components are freedom and inspiration. When you have both, you can create really beautiful things»

POLYMORPHIUM ART (from the Greek. Πολὺ – “multi” and μορφή – “form” ) is an artistic style based on the mystical experience of the artist, which she imprints through a variety of forms and images combining the features of polymorphic creatures, also called dimorphs or hybrids.

Oksana creates her paintings in different ways:

• Classic – with paints on canvas, etc.

Computer Graphic (CG) – digital art

• Hybrid art – using analog and digital instruments



If you have any questions about commissions, cooperation, exhibition, art performance – just write here about it.