Path of creation

Ksenia is a multidisciplinary artist engaged in various types of creativity, lives in Russia.

The quiet city on the picturesque bank of the Volga, where the artist was born and spent the first 23 years of her life, knowing the world, was too calm for her impetuous nature. She chose Moscow instead of provincial Simbirsk, and even bohemian Petersburg, because only the powerful heartbeat of the capital kept pace with the rhythm of her work. Unlike the moths, drawned by the lights of the megalopolis, the artist was brought here not by a dream of a better life, but by a thirst for a powerful source of inspiration for the realization of creative principles.

«I like symbiosis much more than donor-recipient relationships, – Ksenia answers the question about the mission of her creativity – I have something to invest in the evolution of universal human consciousness, but in order to speak the same language with progressive society, I must constantly develop myself. I therefore prefer the partnership; I am cautious and legible when it comes to communicating with people, and from the outside it may seem as though I am unsociable and even inhospitable, but this is not true.

I believe that painting requires a lot of discipline and diligence. Productive work for me is possible only in an atmosphere of complete immersion in the process.
As a сertified designer-graphic, I experimented a lot with my professional design work. The successful experience of the author’s projects — POLYMORPHIUM
PsyArt Studio and the author’s design clothing store PsyArtshop led me to realize my mission for the benefit of the development of visual art: I left the noisy metropolis to devote myself to painting and experimenting with psychedelic graphics in the quiet rhythm of a town near Moscow.»



«Everything I do, I do with good intention, with all my heart, then the creation comes from a pure soul. When a person trusts me, I can open up and do as best I can. My best projects were created this way, otherwise it does not work.»

PSYART (from the Greek. Ήυχή — «soul») — literally means the art of the spirit, hence the name of the project.

Ksenia began to engage in graphic design since 2006. She specializes in the development of logo design, covers and illustrations.

«I like using different tools in my work. Sometimes it paints and canvas, sometimes — computer graphics. When shapes and forms comes suddenly, for their catching I use what is more convenient and faster for a specific task.»

Ksenia is engaged in painting in her own style named Polymorphium art.

POLYMORPHIUM ART is an artistic style based on the mystical experience of the artist: the artist conveys his vision through many-shaped forms and images combining the features of various polymorphic creatures and reflecting their specific qualities.

Polymorphic creatures (from the Greek. Πολὺ — «multi» and μορφή — «form» –> multiform) — the characters of myths, fairy tales, legends, combining in their appearance the features of different creatures; in the case of a combination of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic features, half humans are called. They are also called dimorphic or hybrid creatures.

Fluorescent paintings are created with paints that include special pigments that react to lighting: in daylight they are very bright and saturated, and under the rays of ultraviolet (UV lamp) they emit a kind of shine. Thus, the author manages to create a special mystical atmosphere and the effect of complete immersion. The size of the canvas sets the complexity and multidimensionality of the plot — the more space for the creation of forms, the more options for their development relative to each other, the more intricate the intricacies and plot twists.

When using special contemplative practices, we are able to experience archetypes and enter transcendental areas through observation: the images in the paintings lead an invisible dialogue with the observer’s subconscious and open the portal for the soul’s individual journey, which leads beyond time and space, far beyond the usual “I”.

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